Domaine Andron, Haut-Médoc

domaine Andron logoa new domain with the highest ambitions in the Haut Médoc

In 2006 four Dutch entrepreneurs and wine lovers who knew each other from wine-tasting events, were offered to buy Domaine Andron with its 7 hectares of excellent quality vines and terroir. Domaine Andron is situated in the little village of Saint-Seurin de Cadourne (just north of Saint Estèphe), being neighbors of the famous Sociando-Mallet. The four entrepreneurs had the ambition to make Domaine Andron a pearl of the Médoc. They settled for nothing less than the best techniques in vineyard and chai.

In 2009 ERWU-projects took over management and Jean-Michel Dubos, the former directeur technique of Beausejour Heirs Duffau-Lagarosse (Premier Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion), joined the team. The harvest of 2009 received a first time 90 points from WineSpectator, after Rene Gabriel already highly rated the 2009 and 2010. During primeur week in 2012, WineSpectator awarded the 2011 with 87-90 points. Rene Gabriel again visited Andron. He upgraded the 2009 and 2010 both to 18/20 and gave the 2011 also 18/20 points. This proves that Domaine Andron is moving to become one of the highest quality wine producers of the Haut-Medoc. In February 2013, WineSpectator listed Andron with 91 pts for the 2010!

In November 2013 Domaine Andron was sold to a Chinese entrepreneur who saw the value of this small domain which at that time was in need of some investments in improving and modernizing the winemaking and storage facilities and the vineyard. ERWU-projects with Erik Wuite and Jean Michel Dubos were re-appointed as team to continue to manage Domaine Andron.

In winter/spring 2014 an army of workers turned the building into a pleasant house for the owner and

further improved the wine-making and storage facilities to be more in line with the very high WineSpectator(89-91) and Rene Gabriel (18/20) points over the bottled years 2009-2011.

In december 2013, James Molesworth, Senior editor of WineSpectator came to visit Andron. In February 2014 WineSpectator upgraded the earlier “en primeur” points of the 2011 to a 89 points. Very good for a difficult year and better than many of our competitors!

As of spring 2015, Domaine Andron will be used as a case-study location for the new (2 year) Master of Business and Sciences in Vineyard & Winery management by the Bordeaux National School of agriculture engineering (Bordeaux Sciences Agro), by also Prof. Kees van Leeuwen. Very proud!
Technical details:

Appellation: Haut- Médoc

Vineyard: 7 hectares; 80% graves and 20% argilo-calcaire; 70% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Cabernet Franc; density is 7000 plants per hectare with an average age of 35 years. The plants are guided to a higher length along poles and wires thus receiving more sunlight and leading to quicker ripening.

Work in the vineyard: traditional, by hand. Plowing, grass growing, thinning and green harvesting.

Harvest: manual at the optimal time. The picked grapes are transported to the chai in small crates.

Vinification: selection on two tables de tris. Fermentation in wooden cuves of 45 Hl which are thermo regulated.
Elevage: Natural start of malolactic fermentation in new oak barrels for 80% and 20% in barrels of 1 year old. The duration depends on the evolution of the vintage – subject to repeated tastings – between 16 and 24 months.

SECOND WINE: Petit Andron (so far only in 2006 and 2007)
Production: 35 hectoliters per hectare, which is about 32.000 bottles.

Tasting notes and publicity

  • February 2010, Hubrecht Duijker, Holland’s most famous wine-journalist, tastes the Andron 2007: “even in Bordeaux it is possible that a new wine appears, and above all, with a high quality”; “the first harvests from this new domain, impress very much”; the quality is close to a Grand Vin, but at a much lower price. Published in the main Dutch Financial Newspaper, (Financieel Dagblad, 27 september 2010).
  • February 2010, Perswijn, the main magazine in The Netherlands for wine, publishes an article on Domaine Andron. “What Sociando Mallet can do, we can do better, thought the Dutch owners of Domaine Andron. We had already noticed Andron to be a good wine during the primeur tastings of the 2007. Recently we tasted the 2006. Very surprising! The terroir is perfect.
  • April 2010, The “Telegraaf”, Holland’s biggest newspaper wrote: “Four Dutch entrepreneurs bought

7 hectares in 2006 and started Domaine Andron. Much money was invested in plants and winemaking facilities. In 2009, Jean Michel Dubos the former directeur technique of Beausejour Heirs Duffau-Lagarosse (Premier Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion) joined the team. The 2006 is filled with fruit. Much oak, but well in balance with the fruit. My favorite is the 2007!

domaine Andron pand

  • May 2010, Perswijn, the main magazine for wine in The Netherlands, did a special on Bordeaux wines and gave tasting notes. Domaine Andron 2009 received 4 out of 5 stars in the Haut Médoc wines. Only one wine, Sociando Mallet, received more (4 ½ stars).
  • Summer 2010, the French Gault et Millau 2010, one of the most important guides for hotels, restaurants and wines in France, lists all 4 Domaine Andron wines. Very rare that 4 wines from one domain are listed, and in this case, the first time.
  • April 2011. Rene Gabriel tastes Andron 2010 and awarded 17 out of 20 points. Mövenpick gives 18 out of 20 points
  • May 2011. Perswijn, the main magazine for wine in The Netherlands, did a special on Bordeaux primeur 2010 and gave tasting notes. Domaine Andron 2010 received 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. Only 5 other wines received more, leaving some 70 others from Haut Médoc behind.
  • May 2011. Weinwisser, a top wine-magazine in Germany, publishes an article on Domaine Andron by Rene Gabriel, a very well known winecritic. He wrote that “he is sure the 2009 and 2010 harvests of Domaine Andron will prove to be a sensation”, and gave both 17 out of 20 points which he states are “spectacular”.
  • November 2011, James Molesworth (Wine Spectator) comes back to Bordeaux to re-taste 2009 and Tweets “…Sifting through a morass of ’09 Médoc and Blaye today turns up nice showings from Domaine Andron…”
  • February 2012, WineSpectator awards the 2009 harvest with first time 90 points!
  • Primeur week 2012, Rene Gabriel again visits Domaine Andron. He upgraded the 2009 and 2010 to 18/20 points and gave the 2011 also 18/20 points and calls Andron a “mini-Cru”.
  • WineSpectator awards the 2011 (en primeur) 87-90 points; “Delivers a good, direct beam of kirsch and cherry pie, with lively spice notes on the bright finish”. (Neighbor Sociando Mallet gets max 88 points). They do a special on “13 off-the-radar estates” that are starting to make a name; Domaine Andron is one of them!
  • May 2012, Perswijn, the main magazine for wine in The Netherlands, did a special on Bordeaux wines and gave tasting notes. Domaine Andron 2009 received 4 out of 5 stars in the Haut Médoc wines, the same as neighbor Sociando Mallet. Both were the highest score in the Haut Médoc.  February 2013, WineSpectator awards the 2010 with 91 pts; of the 330 tasted wines Andron is 145th!
  • February 2014, WineSpectator awards the 2011 with 89 pts; and the primeur 2012 with 85-88 pts
  • The famous Dutch wine-writer Gert Crum calls the 2010 Andron an “excellent wine for that price; compliments!”.
  • March 2015; primeurs points by Wine Spectator: DOMAINE ANDRON Haut-Médoc 2014 Score: 88– 91. A tight, racy-edged style, with a plum pit note framing the red currant and cherry fruit. Ironlaced finish.—J.M.